Landscaping Services to Highland

GLC Landscaping LLC is Highland ’s premier landscaping company. We offer comprehensive landscaping packages at unbeatable prices. Call us today at (248) 889-3003 to set up an appointment. We’re confident we can match you with the landscaping contractors that will put you, your budget, and your needs first and foremost. Our extensive network of partnerships with designers, landscape technicians, contractors, and other experts, means that we’ll have no problem lining you up with the design team that will suit your needs and budget. Call us today for more information!

The Best Highland Landscaping Business

We’re so proud to be able to offer our large range of landscaping services for your residential or commercial property. When you choose us for your landscaping needs, you’ll know that your options for design and maintenance are unlimited. Our services include the following:

Backyard, Front Yard, and Garden Landscaping

Every part of your property is unique and important. We’ve developed our extensive landscaping services in order to suit every part of your property. If you’re currently working on making sure your front yard reflects the best of your property, we’re happy to have a variety of comprehensive lawn installation services as well as maintenance services.

We also offer backyard landscaping services from the simplest to the grandest, and garden services ranging from simple irrigation services to full xeriscape landscapes. Whether you’re interested in fighting climate change with your plant choices, or to have a polished and perfectly manicured front yard, contact us today for more information!

Landscaping for All Clients

We know that our skills and expertise in landscaping are versatile and applicable to a wide range of clients. That’s why we partner with both residential and commercial clients to offer outstanding solutions you can be proud of.

Whether you want a full landscape design for your business or a professional to take care of your home lawn mowing, we have you covered. Just reach out to us to book a consultation, and we’ll develop a plan that suits your needs!

Expert Lawn Care Solutions

We promise more than just an attractive, well-manicured lawn. We also promise a healthy lawn - and that's something only truly passionate professionals can provide you with. By focusing on your lawn's soil, fertilization, and root bed, we can give your grass the healthy foundation needed to thrive in many seasons to come.

We improve the health of your lawn while only using the finest fertilizers and lawn care methods available today. While our delicate approach might not produce instant results, over the long term, you’ll see incredible benefits.

Our lawn care solutions can include:

  • Aeration
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • Overseeding
  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Pest control
  • … and more!

We will do more than just make your lawn look good—we make sure it gets all the care it needs to be healthy, even, and luscious. We use the best equipment and lawn care products to ensure that your entire lawn gets proper attention. We’ll do all it takes to give you a healthy property.

Landscape Design

Do you have a plan for your landscape? Are you not entirely sure if you know how to execute it? Would you like some professional help to flesh out your plan for your landscape? We have a landscape design expert for you. Contact us today to set up a consultation or assessment with one of our experienced landscape design professionals. Our professionals have a range of specialization and skill profiles, and we’re sure to have one that suits your taste and vision.

Landscape Feature Installation Services

We have an extensive range of available landscape features and services. Whether your needs are for a large-scale structure, a small accent feature, revitalization or replacement, contact us today to hear about the ways we can benefit you.

Landscape Maintenance

The process of keeping up your property doesn’t disappear once the workmen have packed to go home. Our team of professionals can offer maintenance services specialized to meet the needs of your property. No matter the season or weather, our maintenance services include snow and ice removal, leaf removal, and more.

Long Lasting Landscape Results

When it comes to landscaping, the only way to ensure lasting results is to use high-quality products and trusted techniques. That’s exactly what we do.

We think it’s important that you see durable solutions for your landscape, whether it’s with a healthier lawn or practically designed gardens and features. Our experts have been operating in this industry for years and have access to top-quality materials to make your exterior shine. We also keep up to date on the industry’s innovations and design techniques to bring you the best servicing, day in and day out.

You shouldn’t notice that your landscape degrades in quality. With a focus on long-lasting results and regular maintenance, we’ll give you beautiful spaces that last.

Customized Landscaping Packages

One of our most appreciated aspects is our flexibility and versatility. Commercial and residential property owners alike appreciate our flexible scheduling options and service lists. We know every property requires different landscaping services to look great, and we’re here to tailor our services to your needs.

We'll create a custom plan that fits the unique needs of your green space. Do you need frequent weeding? Are you battling a pest control issue? Do you want new hardscaped features? Trust our landscapers to take care of every aspect of your property so you don’t have to.

Plus, in the interest of your convenience, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly landscape maintenance appointments. Our crew will show up promptly at the day and time of your choice, season after season, for a jaw-dropping, lush landscape year-round.

Contact GLC Landscaping LLC Today for the Best in Local Landscapers

We offer some of the best local landscapers in the Highland area. When you trust our team, you’re trusting our trademark for efficient and reliable service, no matter the size of your job. If you’re interested in accessing a more detailed portfolio, or talking one-on-one with a contractor or designer, contact us today at (248) 889-3003.