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GLC Property Maintenance Services is a premier provider of mulching services for both commercial and residential landscapes. Our premium mulch protects flowers, plants, and shrubbery while enhancing the overall look of lawns all over town.

There’s a multitude of mulch to choose from—call us at (248) 889-3003 to explore your options.

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Premium Mulch

Consider us your all-in-one source for mulch sales, delivery, and installation. As a full-service landscaping company, mulching is one of our staple services. We stock a diverse range of mulching products—both organic and inorganic—and we can’t wait to show you how they’ll boost your curb appeal for the whole block to see and admire.

Some examples of the types of mulch we offer are:

  • Wood shavings
  • Stones
  • Bark
  • Straw
  • Rubber chips
  • And more

Mulch away with decorative freedom—your options are virtually endless since our products come in all colors, sizes, and materials. Plus, for every mulch category, we offer a tier of price points. You’re sure to find a product that matches your style and budget.

GLC Property Maintenance Services  Mulching

Upfront Quotes on Mulching Projects

Whether you want to purchase several bags of mulch or set up regular mulch applications from a pro landscaper, we’re devoted to finding you a personalized solution for your mulching project. In our minds, the best way we can tailor a mulching plan to your unique needs is by offering you a no-obligation consultation, where we’ll discuss those needs in-depth.

Allow us to show you our product catalog and answer your questions about different mulching materials. We’ll help you calculate how much mulch you need based on your garden’s dimensions. If you’re going to apply the mulch yourself, we’ll give you our professional advice on the best techniques and times of year to do it. If you’d like us to install and routinely replenish the mulch for you, we’ll set up a customized schedule that’s convenient.

When we have a firm grasp of your individual needs and wants, we’ll present you with a quote of the service to match––no gimmicks, no guesswork – just a transparent quote from an honest landscaper.

Professional Mulching Services

Our company has the skills and resources to perform all scales of property maintenance. Routine mulching is a primary service in our lawn care programs and one in which our contractors excel. We’ve honed our mulch laying process down to a science. Too much mulch can cause root rot, and too little mulch can provide inadequate protection from the elements. Our landscapers always find a happy medium. Leave it to us to determine the precise depth of mulch appropriate for your plants. We’ll lay the product seamlessly and efficiently for a fast-growing garden in optimal health.

By the way, we set ourselves apart as mulch professionals for the flexibility and speedy turnarounds that we offer. We recognize that you have a busy schedule, which is why we aim to maintain open availability. Schedule your mulching service when it works best for you. Then, sit back and relax as we service your lawn in the shortest delay.

Mulching and Maintenance

If you’re looking into creating a beautiful garden for your space, you’ve probably heard that mulch is an essential part of a successful and healthy green space. Garden mulch is a layer of organic material that’s spread over flower beds to protect or improve soil.

While it’s common practice to put mulch down in the garden at the end of the growing season, mulch also helps in your spring garden. At GLC Property Maintenance Services , we’re passionate about organic mulch and provide eco-friendly solutions for your garden.

We offer mulch delivery and installation tailored to your garden’s individual needs. Regardless of the season, we tailor our mulching plans to suit your needs. Our expert landscape contractors can achieve the use of compost soil and mulch, no matter the size of your space. Call us to find out the many benefits that mulch can bring to your outdoor lifestyle.

Benefits of a Mulching Service

Mulching is a simple service that can cause big benefits to your growing season. As you’re waiting for your spring seeds to sprout, we refresh the beds with a layer of mulch to create a welcoming habitat for your new plantings.

There are many benefits to including our mulching service in your gardening routine, such as:

  • Insulation and Protection of Soil and Plant Roots
  • Improved Diversity and Soil Health
  • Moisture Retention and Regulation
  • Weed Reduction

Garden mulching can also be tailored to different climates. While most landscaping companies pack up for winter, we know the importance of seasonal mulch preparation. Contact us for a spring or fall mulch delivery.

Spring Mulching

If temperatures rise and dry out your plants in the spring, then a healthy layer of mulch will be beneficial to your fresh garden.

As the season goes on, we adjust the amount of mulch used to reflect your local climate — deep, dense mulch for hot, dry climates and light materials for cool, wet spaces.

Not only will regular mulching cover the soil surface, but they will also attract pollinators and prevent pests.

Fall Mulching

Fall is an excellent time to feed the soil in your custom GLC Property Maintenance Services vegetable garden.

We apply soil amendments or fertilizers, then top them with green mulch or animal manure, and finish with an organic bark mulch. This will protect and nourish the soil through the winter.

Find the Best Mulch for Your Property

With so many different types of mulch on the market, it isn't easy to determine the right choice for your landscape. That being said, we here at GLC Property Maintenance Services hope to make things a bit easier for you, thanks to our landscaping expertise and wide selection of different mulches. Should you need our help, we will be happy to assess your property and consult with you to find the best option for your needs.

Organic or Inorganic Landscape Mulch

The two main categories of mulch are organic and inorganic. As their names would suggest, organic mulch is made up of naturally occurring plant matter, such as bark or wood chips, whereas inorganic mulch is comprised of things like rocks or rubber chips. These two categories of mulch each come with their own benefits, and the one you end up choosing will be based on your personal preference and requirements.

Organic mulch decomposes over time, which will add nutrients to your soil and improve it over time. On the other hand, inorganic mulch does not have this benefit to your soil quality but is often much easier to upkeep and does not need to be replaced as often.

Types of Mulch

After making a choice between organic and inorganic mulch, you will need to further refine your decision by selecting the specific type of material that will be used. Both categories of mulch come in many different materials, colors, and consistencies. Our professional landscapers can always help you narrow down your selection. Some of the most popular mulching materials on the market include:


  • Shredded bark
  • Straw
  • Compost
  • Bark chips


  • Stones and river rocks
  • Rubber mulch
  • Landscape fabric

Top-Quality Mulch for Your Landscape

We never settle for anything less than our best work here at GLC Property Maintenance Services , which is why we are committed to only sourcing our premium mulches from reputable suppliers. It doesn't matter which mulching option you select from our catalog, you can always rest assured that you will receive a high-quality product for your landscape.

If you have any questions about the mulches that we supply, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our experts for more information.

Budget-Friendly Lawn Mulch Prices

We are firm believers that maintaining the health of your landscape and protecting it during the winter shouldn't be prohibitively expensive. This is why we make sure that we offer our professional mulching services at prices that make sense to our clients. When you come to us for help with your landscape, you are always guaranteed top-notch work at a price that fits your finances, so you can easily maintain your landscape throughout the year.

Make Quick Work of Your Mulching

Our experience, skill, and dedication ensure that all our work is completed before we overstay our welcome. We operate with maximum efficiency, but without sacrificing any quality, to make sure that we provide the best experience possible for our customers. If finding a landscaping company that will complete your work in an agreeable time frame is important to you, look no further than GLC Property Maintenance Services .

Get Mulching with GLC Property Maintenance Services Garden Mulch Services!

Our expert yard care professionals know that your mulch should never touch the stems of plants as it can cause disease.

When choosing your mulch materials, we make sure to watch out for pesticides. Certain mulches – like grass clippings and straw – can be laden with harmful chemicals that will contaminate the soil and reduce plant life.

Depending on the size of your garden, our mulch delivery and installation services may take a few hours to a few days of heavy lifting. By taking the time to invest in one of GLC Property Maintenance Services landscape mulch plans, you’ll provide the extra care and thought your soil needs at the beginning and end of each gardening season.

Call us today to take advantage of our premium mulching service – we promise soil that will support the growth of healthy plants you can enjoy for years to come.